PB-900 Programmable JarTester


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The Phipps & Bird state-of-the-art six-paddle programmable model elevates jar testing to a new level of precision by utilizing four operator-programmable memory banks that offer virtually unlimited stirring capabilities:

  • Each bank may be programmed with paddle speeds from 5 to 300 rpm in 1-rpm increments.
  • 1 second to 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  • Programmable Audio Signals.
  • The stirrer may be run sequentially through the memory banks, independently in any one of the memories, or continuously at a selected speed.

Turning the stirrer off does not erase the programmed information. It permits automatic transitioning from a fast mix/short run to a slow mix/long run, or any combination of speeds and times desired to replicate actual plant conditions and operation.
Constructed on a powder-coated steel uniframe chassis, the PB-900 features an LED floc illuminator built into the base, and six stainless steel 1″ x 3″ paddles spaced six inches apart and which are adjustable to a maximum depth of nine inches. The unit comes complete with your choice of either:

  • Six standard, round, glass, 1-liter laboratory beakers, or
  • Six B-KER2 square, acrylic, 2-liter jar testing jars, along with a dust cover and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

All Phipps & Bird JarTesters are 24VDC and come complete with an adapter to operate them in from 120V, 60Hz and 220V, 50/60Hz power sources.
CE and cTUVus Marked.
Phipps & Bird has been building the world’s finest jar testers since 1930’s. With a minimum amount of maintenance, you can expect your PB-900 to provide over 25 years of dependable service!

2022 MSRP
Model #7790-900 . . . $3,700.00 Six-Station w/1L glass beakers
Model #7790-910 . . . $3,900.00 Six-Station w/2L square acrylic jars
Plus Shipping Charges

Catalog #363001001 Corrosion Pods, 2/pk . . . $39.00
Plus Shipping Charge

PB-980 Series Portable JarTesters

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Like its six-paddle big brothers, our Portable four- and two-paddle models stand at the head of their class. All the standard features of the six-paddle stirrer are included with these units, as well. Choose either:

  • Standard, glass, 1-liter beakers
  • B-KER2 square, acrylic, 2-liter jar testing jars.

All Phipps & Bird Jar Testers operate on 24 volts and come equipped with an Adaptor and 110V and 220V power cords, permitting the machines to operate anywhere in the world.

All Phipps & Bird Jar Testers are CE and cTUVus compliant.

All Phipps & Bird Jar Testers are covered by a
Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.
When ordered with the optional heavy duty carrying/shipping case, the PB-950 is ideal for polymer salesmen, health departments, or anyone else performing jar tests in multiple locations.

2022 MSRP
Model #7790-950 . . . $3,400.00 Four Station w/1L glass beakers
Model #7790-960 . . . $3,600.00 Four Station w/2L square acrylic jars
Model #7790-980 . . . $3,300.00 Two Station w/2L square acrylic jars
Model #7790-990 . . . $3,100.00 Single Station w/2L square acrylic jar
Plus Shipping Charges

Column Filtration System (CFS)


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  • Simulate the process of a direct-filtration water treatment plant. The device is an accessory piece of equipment for the traditional Phipps & Bird JarTest Stirrer with Square B-KER2s (not included)
  • After water samples are agitated through the flash and flocculation stages, the samples are allowed to gravity drain through filter columns producing a simulated “clean” water test sample. A water line from the plant’s service line can be connected to the device to backwash the filter columns when loading the granular media or when cleaning the media after a test procedure.
  • The device consists of a number (4 or 6) of filter columns (2″ ID clear PVC) and sets of valves to control the flow of water samples from the sample B-KER2s and service water during the backwash process. All components are mounted on a portable rack with casters. The CFS mounted on the portable rack can be used in the lab or moved to a more convenient location within the treatment plant.
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 60″
    • Base Width: 4-Place: 34″ 6-Place:
    • 46″ Depth: 30″
    • Casters: Swivel (front w/Brake), 3″ x 1″ Black Rubber Wheels
    • Frame: CRS and “Galvaneal” Steel, Powder Coated Galvanized Steel Fastener Hardware
    • Valves: 3-way Brass
    • Tubing: 3/8″ OD x 1″ ID” Copper and Flexible Vinyl
    • Filter Columns: 2″ Clear PVC

2022 MSRP
Model #7780-100 . . . $3,900.00 Four Station
Model #7780-200 . . . $4,900.00 Six Station
Plus Shipping Charges


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Now you can draw your jartest samples with a minimum of disturbance to the settling floc. Phipps & Bird’s B-KER2® Laboratory Jar has a sampling port conveniently located at the 10cm settling-distance level. There’s no need to raise JarTester paddles. Simply open the valve and your sample is gently drawn off.

  • The B-KER2 Jar is molded of strong, durable 1/4 inch thick acrylic. Its square shape provides thorough mixing action and, in many cases, accurately duplicates actual plant conditions.
  • The B-KER2 Jar comes complete with a sampling valve. It is compatible with most Phipps & BirdTM two- four- and six-paddle Jartesters, as well as most other stirrers.

2022 MSRP
Catalog #7790-630 . . . $85.00
Plus Shipping Charge



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  • Automatically collects liquid samples from streams, flumes, lagoons, ponds or manholes.
  • Performs reliably even under conditions of high levels of suspended solids or trash-laden flows . . . conditions where most pump-type samplers are ineffective.
  • Easy to install; little maintenance required.
  • Over 25 years of proven dependability in wastewater treatment plants, chemical plants, paper mills, food processing plants, paint manufacturers, textile mills, government facilities and other institutional applications.

Catalog #8392-301*

IncuMate II Incubation Control Module

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Catalog #7600-1

Turn virtually any refrigerator into a laboratory incubator with the IncuMate IITM™ Incubation Control Module from Phipps & Bird. You’ll get the consistently reliable test results you require at a surprisingly affordable price.

Specially designed for use by smaller water and wastewater treatment facilities, the Phipps & Bird IncuMate IITM lets you utilize a refrigerator to perform any incubation procedure requiring a temperature range of 5°C to 40°C including: biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), trihalomethane formation potential (TFP), heterotrophic plate count (HPC) and Coliform.

Just place the IncuMate IITM unit on a wire shelf in a refrigerator, make the simple electrical plug-in connections and turn it on.

Refrigerators with automatic defrost modes should have the defrost feature disconnected.

The module’s adjustable thermostat is factory set at 20°C. To raise the temperature, turn the dial to the left; to lower the temperature turn the dial to the right. The
IncuMate IITM’S built-in heater and circulating fan will operate continuously to provide thorough air circulation at the desired temperature. At start-up or after the temperature control has been reset, the temperature will stabilize in about an hour. Monitor the temperature with a quality-grade thermometer.

For the smaller lab that performs a nominal number of incubations each day, Phipps & Bird’s IncuMate IITM™ Incubation Control Module is the economical alternative to high-priced incubators

  • 5¼”w x 3¾” l, 110v & 220v
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor

Highly reliable BOD test results don’t
require highly priced incubators.*

2022 MSRP
Model #7600-111, 110VAC . . . $650.00
Model #7600-112, 220VAC . . . $660.00
Plus Shipping Charge

Vacuum Filtration Manifolds

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Ideally suited to procedures outlined in Standard Methods For The Examination of Water and Wastewater (Solids/Residue Section) and other applications where vacuum filtration is required.

  • Easy to set up; simple to use.
  • Built of rugged, lightweight PVC.
  • Brass valves provide many years of service.
  • Permits simultaneous or independent filtration.
  • 3 and 6 station models stocked. Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Available as a manifold only (pictured) or deluxe version complete with reservoir and vacuum pump.

The 8400-Series Vacuum Filtration Manifolds from the Phipps & BirdTM Family of Water Quality Equipment.*

Crown Press Belt Press Simulator

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Now you can accurately simulate a full-size belt press, duplicating the actual dewatering process, with Phipps & Bird’s Crown Press Belt Press Simulator.

The unique “crown” design allows the sludge cake to react as it would under normal operating conditions, including the effects of free water motion across both the top and bottom belt faces; shear; capillary channeling; sludge migration; response to pressure changes; and the effect on filtrate flow using different types of belt material.

Without shutting down the big machines, the Crown Press Simulator permits the operator to:

  • Prescreen to select the best polymers and belt types.
  • Determine proper belt tension.
  • Estimate optimum machine throughput.
  • Estimate sludge cake moisture and filtrate clarity.
  • Determine sludge migration.

The Crown Press Simulator comes complete with plow simulator, carrying case and a comprehensive manual.
Catalog #7800-100*