The Phipps & Bird Academic Support Program

Phipps & Bird is pleased to support the academic endeavors of students participating in graduate and postgraduate research projects in the field of water/wastewater treatment at accredited colleges and universities in the United States. A limited number of apparatus are available at no charge to educational institutions for use by their students in an approved protocol. In return, Phipps & Bird requests that appropriate attribution be made within the completed, published work and that Phipps & Bird receive access to the completed work in some form for use in its marketing Academicactivities. Equipment must be ordered (at no charge) on a formal purchase order issued by the educational institution, and must denote an on-campus, departmental delivery address. Equipment will not be loaned directly to students or shipped to off-campus addresses. All shipping charges will be borne by Phipps & Bird. Interested students should write a letter of request to Wes Skaperdas, General Manager, PHIPPS & BIRD, P.O. Box 7475, Richmond, VA 23221-7475. The letter must include the following information:

  1. Project name.
  2. Purpose.
  3. Abstract.
  4. Type of equipment required.
  5. Time period for which the equipment will be needed.
  6. Student’s name, local and permanent addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email address.
  7. Name of College or University
  8. Name, Title (if any), Department Name, telephone number and signature of Professor overseeing the project.

The purchase order may be initiated after the request is approved by Phipps & Bird. The following verbiage must be included on the purchase order or attached as an addendum: This equipment is being loaned to [Name of Institution] for use by student [Student’s Name] in a University-approved research project under the direction of [Professor’s Name]. The equipment is loaned free of charge under the Phipps & Bird Academic Support Program for the period beginning [Start Date] and ending [End Date. Not to exceed 12 months]. The equipment will be returned to Phipps & Bird at the conclusion of the loan period (within 30 days of End Date). At its option, [Name of University] may elect to keep the equipment and be invoiced for [Original list price less 25% discount]. If the equipment is not returned within the specified time period, Phipps & Bird will automatically issue an invoice on [End Date + 30 Days] with terms of Net 30 Days.” The student and the University must agree to:

  • Include a published acknowledgment of Phipps & Bird’s participation in the project; and
  • Provide an abstract to Phipps & Bird for Phipps & Bird’s unrestricted use in its marketing activities (to include, but not limited to: product literature, advertising, hand-outs, training materials, postings on its website, trade publications, etc.) or, at its option,
  • Grant Phipps & Bird permission to copy or reprint, either selected sections or in its entirety, the published paper for the above-mentioned marketing purposes. or
  • submit an alternative proposal for consideration.

Phipps & Bird is pleased to be able to participate in educational opportunities that support the conservation of water, one of our most valuable natural resources.