Welcome to Science Education

Phipps & Bird Physiology Experimentation Apparatus have been an integral part of students’ science education experience for generations. This cornerstone product line of Phipps & Bird dates back over 90 years!

Physiology apparatus are a key part of most students’ first exposure to lab sciences, as the student for the first time explores the workings of actual living muscles, nerves and tissue. It is a moment of great impact. The reliable performance of Phipps & Bird apparatus ensure that the experiments will go off as planned.

In September 2000 the PHIPPS & BIRD™ and INTELITOOL® product lines were merged. Adding data acquisition capabilities creates a meaningful new dimension to traditional physiology experimentation and the way results can be analyzed.

These durably-built products have withstood the tests of time in high schools and colleges world wide. Look for this product line to be expanded and enhanced, as we prepare to meet the educational demands of the future.