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INTELITOOL® software modules have provided students a hands-on educational physiology experience for over 30 years. These affordable, easy-to-use experiments demonstrate students’ actual cardiac function, lung capacity, reflex and fatigue . . . and the results can be compared to norms, other students, or any demographic category one chooses.

INTELITOOL® modules are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 . .. and beyond . . . and offer freshly updated graphics and enhanced reporting options. INTELITOOL® provides unmatched sophistication and performance at a price point far below competitors, and the modules are Seat Licensed for acquisition to each McAddam used so there are no dongles, complex software keys or single specific machine licenses keys required .One many install the software on numerous PCs with a single site key

Come! Explore INTELITOOL® and join major universities nationwide in offering an exceptional physiology learning experience!


Cardiocomp 7 Analysis Abovecc1-Analysis
CardioComp 1 Analysis AboveCC3d-analysis
Cardiocomp 3D Vectorgram above

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Single or multi-lead ECG for simple classroom experiments. Student can determine timing of different waves. Automatic timing analysis is available. NEW ! A third dimension of analysis with the chest lead on Cardiocomp 7 : Cardiocomp 3D and the Olson 3D Vectorgraph.

Physiogrip – Muscle Physiology Lab

Physiogrip Analysis Formpggrip

One of the most exciting aspects of the Physiogrip is that it allows one to demonstrate human physiology using human muscle, instead of the muscles of frogs or rats.

Physiogrip combines a specially designed displacement transducer and a sophisticated software program to make the acquisition, storage, and analysis of classical muscle contraction phenomena incredibly simple without vivisection. Muscle movement and stimulus voltages can be graphed so that the stimulus and the contraction that occurs can easily be correlated.

Muscle excitation is achieved by stimulating the flexor digitorum through the surface of the arm. An Isolated Square Wave Stimulator (sold separately and available through us) is required for transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the muscle.


  • Smart notes
  • PDF Reports
  • Angular Velocity Graphs
  • Multipurpose McAddam Data Acquisition System

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Physiogrip Quick Start Guide


Flexicomp – Neurologic Reflex Lab

Flexicomp Analysis Formth
A new instrumented reflex hammerFC150
The Improved Flexicomp Goniometer

Deep Tendon Reflex analysis and reaction time evaluations. With new instrumented clinical DTR hammer and goniometer. Still backward compatible with the original hammer and flexicomp hardware.

With Flexicomp students can:

  • Compare monosynaptic versus cognitive responses using the same muscle and limb system.
  • Accurately quantify stimulus response (degree of deflection). Accurately quantify the time intervals involved with the reflex arc such as the latent period and time to the maximal response.
  • Demonstrate neurological facilitation.
  • Demonstrate antagonistic dampening.
  • Quantify visual versus auditory response times.
  • Compare responses and times of the same stretch reflex systems on different limbs, and compare different stretch reflex systems such as the plantar reflex versus the knee jerk reflex.
  • Compare the deflections and time intervals of the same stretch reflex systems on different subjects.


  • New Clinical Hammer
  • New Flexicomp Goniometer

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Flexicomp Quick Start Guide

# FC-M3-CM-8 Complete System

Spirocomp – Wet Spirometry

Spirocomp main screen

Complete rewrite of the pulmonary classic. Adapting the latest feedback from our customers including asignal-to-noise sensor to find the most sensitive setting for breath start and cessation, thus reducing the false starts and stops. Compatible with Phipps & Bird 6- and 9- liter Student Wet Spirometers (with modifications).


  • Settings including new Body Pressure Temperature Saturation equation, autochecking for McAddam status.
  • New PDF reports.
  • Unified database with multiple group fields for comparing different groups.
  • Real-time display of data capture.
  • Improved Calibration routine with auto setting of start and stop times. Guides to check and help correct errors in calibration.

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SC-M3-CM-8 Complete System