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Examples of Manufacturing Relationships …

  • Makes Ornate Machined Components for an upscale garden furniture manufacture.
  • Fabricates Automatic External Defibrillator Cabinets used by the American Heart Association.
  • Manufactures and distributes Blood Platelet Analyzers.
  • Makes a Military Optical Accessory for sniper rifles.
  • Produces Tennis Court Products for a leading national tennis brand.
  • Builds vehicle Gun Vaults for police, fish & game and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Manufactures Operating Room Service Head components for a German medical device manufacturer.
  • Makes an Electronic Biopsy Needle Accessory for a healthcare technology start-up.
  • Forms plastic Foot Positioning Frame components for a supplier of orthopedic softgoods.
  • Licenses, manufactures and distributes the Crown Press™ Belt Press Simulator under exclusive worldwide rights to the device.
  • Call Wes Skaperdas to discuss your manufacturing requirements, or other related opportunities.