Rules? There ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish something!
– Thomas Edison


The person who is convinced that he CAN DO something is usually right. And so is the person who believes he cannot.
– Prairie Rambler

LISA PAYNE is our Administrative Services Coordinator. She joined the Phipps & Bird team early in 2022 and already knows everything there is to know about every P&B product! Seriously! Give her a shout at extension 218. She will take your order and handle your customer service questions knowledgeably, professionally and with a great sense of humor.


Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.
– Anonymous

Technical Support duties are shared by GEORGE CATLIN and WES SKAPERDAS. George is our Production Manager. He came to Phipps & Bird in November, 1983. A journeyman machinist by trade, George assumed production responsibilities in 1991. (And we assumed someone had actually promoted him!) Familiar with the manufacture of all of Phipps & Bird’s products, George is a valuable Tech Support resource. When not on the shop floor, George can be found at the coffee pot mainlining Maxwell House or reached at extension 207.


The secret of managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided.
– Casey Stengel

PAT SKAPERDAS is our corporate Executive Vice President, majority stockholder and Charge D’Affairs (we always did want to have someone with that title on staff!). In addition to doing director-level stuff, Pat handles all our bookkeeping, human resource and general administrative issues, and supervises the customer service and vendor relations functions. She is also in charge of the corporate fleet of aircraft, but since we haven’t acquired any aircraft yet, that part of the job is pretty easy. Call her at extension 212.

The individual charged with championing company philosophies, building corporate culture, maintaining the corps d’esprit, leading Phipps & Bird to new challenges and opportunities, and watering the plants is WES SKAPERDAS, our President & General Manager. Wes joined Phipps & Bird’s former parent company, General Medical, in 1979 and has held the responsibility for managing the operation since 1984. Before that, he pretty much wandered aimlessly through life. Although we can’t think of any specific reason you’d want to call him, he does have his very own extension: 201.

We are blessed with a talented, dedicated group of people who look forward to being of service to you. It is our sincere desire to make sure you’re satisfied with the product you purchased and the service you received.
Please . . .
Don’t hesitate to call for any reason. We want to hear your comments, complaints, critiques, suggestions, ideas, interesting stories, etc. If it’s important enough for you to want to share, it’s important enough for us to want to listen. We look forward to your call!