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Phipps & Bird produces an attractive line of high quality convenience items, all available in the contemporary color selections currently popular in healthcare facilities decor. Additionally, the colors coordinate with those of many equipment manufacturers. This constantly expanding line includes Glovebox Mounting Brackets in assorted sizes, X-ray Film Holders, Chart Holders, Mirrors, etc.

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Vertical Glove Box Mounting Bracket

Single, Twin, Triple

Gloves are used EVERYWHERE! These glove box holders will accent the décor when powdercoated in designer colors. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations. They can also serve as TISSUE BOX holders in LOUNGES, NURSING STATIONS, PATIENT ROOMS, EXAM ROOMS . . . You name it!           


Horizontal Glove Box Mounting Bracket

Gloves are used EVERYWHERE! These glove box holders will accent the décor when powder coated in designer colors. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations. They can also serve as TISSUE BOX holders in LOUNGES, NURSING STATIONS, PATIENT ROOMS, EXAM ROOMS . . . You name it!           


Magnetic Memo Board

Available in three sizes, these color-coordinated display boards permit temporary posting of all kinds of stuff . . . without the mess of tape goo or pushpin holes! More attractive than bulletin boards, they are PERFECT for just about EVERYWHERE: RECEPTION AREA . . . WAITING ROOM . . . EXAM ROOM . . . OFFICES . . . Memos, pictures, important notices and reminders!  PATIENT ROOMS . . . where the patient can post cards, letters and photographs! NURSING STATIONS, where memos, notes and reminders can be displayed! HOUSEKEEPING . . . chore lists and special requests! FOOD SERVICE . . . notices to staff! MAINTENANCE . . . Repair Orders! EMPLOYEE LOUNGES . . . Job postings; policy statements; meeting announcements! CAFETERIA . . . menus! PHARMACY . . . notices, warnings and drug company literature! X-RAY, LABORATORY, ADMINISTRATION, ACCOUNTING, EMERGENCY . . . ALL departments will appreciate this useful accessory.
Magazine Rack
Everyone has a magazine rack in the waiting room, but they're really needed in EXAM ROOMS, REST ROOMS, NURSING STATIONS, BREAK ROOMS, CAFETERIAS and EMPLOYEE LOUNGES. We even suggest putting a few in the CHAPELS to hold bulletins, devotionals, announcements, etc.           


X-Ray Film Holder
Even RADIOLOGY can be color-coordinated! These film holders (they are NOT illuminators) are available in regular and large sizes and offer a convenient way to temporarily store films while they await pick-up, transfer or review.


Vanity Shelf w/Hooks

Ever go into an EXAM ROOM to find only one single hook on the wall? And you've got to find someplace for your overcoat, slacks, blouse or shirt, necktie, hat, pocketbook, keys, eyeglasses . . . all KINDS of stuff. The Accente™ Vanity Shelf provides a compact, attractive means for patients to NEATLY hang their clothing during their exam.
Combine the Vanity Shelf with a MIRROR so patients can touch up makeup, comb their hair or adjust neckties after the exam.

The Vanity Shelf is also a convenient accessory in X-RAY, WAITING AREAS and EMERGENCY ROOMS, and for use by employees in RESTROOMS, LOCKER ROOMS and NURSES' LOUNGES.


Designer colors help color-coordinate the traditional chart holder into the decorating theme. Available in standard and extra deep sizes.           


Exam Lamp

The ACCENTE™ exam lamp meets the needs of all medical markets with its rugged construction, versatile capabilities and solid backing of a five-year warranty.

The ACCENTE™ mobile floor lamp features a 14-pound cast iron, five-point "easy rolling" anti-tip caster base, color matched to the unit.


Its 3/4 inch steel flex neck, covered with tough polyvinyl, is 30 inches long for easy maneuvering, and the shade rotates 1-1/2 revolutions without damaging the wires.  Mounted on a shaft that extends to 7 feet, the lamp is ideal for long reach applications.

The ACCENTE™ exam lamp’s unique lamp head delivers superior light quality (rated up to 100 watts) while the dual shade system assures comfort and safety . . . staying cool to the touch even after hours of use.  ACCENTE™ exam lamps accept regular or halogen bulbs, available at your local hardware store.  Bulb not included.

For exceptional quality lighting and excellent color rendition, order a Chromalux R20 Full Spectrum Bulb . . . (Click Here)

The lamp is UL and CSA approved and is equipped with a 9’ power cord and hospital-grade plug.

Overall weight is 25 lbs.
Available in Grey, Black and Cream.

28-XLMP-11 (Grey)
28-XLMP-12 (Black)
28-XLMP-13 (Cream)


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