Vectorcardia 3D : Visually Easy Electrocardiography

Vectorcardia3D™ is a Clinical Support Device that provides a visually simple presentation of complex electrocardiography data.  Using data from 4 limb leads along with V2 on the chest and applying ECG Tech’s 3D algorithms*, a complete 3D projection of a subject’s electrocardiograph can be displayed.  This technology has been published in the latest edition of Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography, Chapter 4.*   Under license to Phipps & Bird, Inc. by ECG-Tech Corp.

Please watch this short video for a quick overview - Vectorcardia3D ECG Made Easy

Please enjoy a copy of ECG INTERPRETATION USING 3D GRAPHICS by Bill Olson

Cardiocomp 3D and the Olson Vectorgraph module

Vectorcardia 3D full screen


The Standard Frontal Plane view provide by the limb leads

The Horizontal Plane provided by the chest lead

Full visual controls

List of comparative pathologies & normal

Example of mercator plots of previous MI (top) and active Ischemia (bottom) with Vectorgraph in center.

By using the chest lead along with the Olson 3D Vector module, Vectorcardia3D can provide an information-rich display of the entire heart's electrical activity.  One can quickly see a full view from any angle.  In addition, a 3D model of a heart can be placed in space to help provide a reference to the vectors they are studying. Color coding of the vectorgraph will help understand the timing.


Easy to use and understand, Pathologies stand out from normal.

Inexpensive tool for any medical office.

Uses only 5 leads as opposed to 10 leads making it less difficult to use in the emergency room or clinic.

Supports rapid diagnosis of extent and location of ischemia for the decision of the emergency room doctor.

Shows the location and extent of the Infarction as well as the ischemia.

Is proven to be as accurate as an expert cardiologist as to the location of the ischemia.

Validated by 11 peer reviewed journal articles.

A quote from Chapter 4 of the current ‘Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography’
Galen S. Wagner, 12th Edition, Wolters Kluwer | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

“… the fundamental electrical process at the myocardial cellular level is the basis for all electrical information transmitted to the body surface. The three-dimensional vectorcardiogram (VCG) is closely related to and easily derived from the cellular activity making the diagnosis more intuitive and accurate.” by E. HARVEY ESTES, JR. et al. 

Software Features:

3D vector loop floating inside a cube of 2D projection graphs along with the 10 cycle averaged 12 standard lead graphs.

Full Rotation and zoom control

PDF Reports

3D Heart Model that rotates with 3D  QRS vector (for normal subjects)

Comparative 3D Vectorgraphs data for:

  1. Small, medium and large; inferior, anterior and posterior myocardial infarction
  2. Right and Left  bundle branch blocks
  3. Right and Left Fascicular Block
  4. Right and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Control of both the subject and comparison data's vectorgraphs style and opacity for optimum viewing

 Full set of analytical statistics

Different color coding for educational and diagnostic purposes

Peer reviewed journal articles in reference tab

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Patients Licensed by ECG-Tech


US Patent 7,751,874 Date Jul. 6,2010 DISPLAY FOR ECG DIAGNOSTICS



VC3D  Complete System

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